Antiga Meloussa is an established company with 20 years of experience on the island, run by shipowner Pili and skipper Steve. It has the boat Antiga Meloussa, a beautiful 12-metre Dufrour Grand sailing boat.

No matter which excursion you choose,  you will get to know the island of Menorca in a very special way and live an unforgettable experience on board the Antiga Meloussa. You can choose between the Day Trip or the Island Tour. The Day Trip is an attractive route around the island for groups and adventurers departing from the Port of Mahón heading north or south, depending on the direction of the wind.  The Island Tour is a seven-day trip around the island of Menorca while discovering spots only accessible by sea and anchoring on pristine beaches under a starry sky. Ready to board?



Our Address:

Andana de Ponent, 123


39.893195813656, 4.2598489485608