Do you want to know the authentic traditional Menorca?
Where people lived, how they worked, their gastronomy, their flora and fauna…
You will find all this and much more only at Binissuès.

A trip to the authentic rural Menorca more than 100 years ago, in one of the most beautiful natural spots in the interior of the island, where you will be able to:

  • Experience your own life as a payés (countryman) in our typical Menorcan lloc (farm): sow wheat, milk, make the typical Mahón-Manorca cheese, feed animals and much more, hand in hand with our fun family of payeses.
  • Visit the Payesa House of the 18th C, with a genuine Menorcan kitchen, which will immediately take you centuries ago, to family gatherings after a long day of work in the country; and the Manor House of the 19th C, where several rooms have been kept as they originally were and have been turned into a museum, so that you get immersed in the noblemen’s lifestyle of those times.
  • Visit the Ethnological Collection formed by kitchen utensils, tools, carriages, the first car to arrive in Menorca and multiple pieces indispensable for life and work in the country more than a century ago.
  • Visit the Natural Science museum of Menorca, which presents part of the collection held by the Carreras Torrent brothers, with more than 8000 species from the island and from all over the world: butterflies, spiders, reptiles… and some of the biggest and strangest insects in the world.
  • Taste authentic traditional Menorcan cuisine in one of the two terraces overlooking the countryside or in the dining-room inside our restaurant.

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